Reusable Pallet Wraps vs Stretching Film

Game-Changing Reusable Pallet Wraps

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The Safety

The innovative pallet wrap can be customized according to the requirement of the customer and we provide the best safe solution. The product is of high quality and very durable. In addition to being more environment friendly, the reusable pallet wrap is also safer than stretch film. A video film highlighting the safety features of these reusable wraps for pallets is also available with our manufacturer and please check on the website.

Let's Go Green

Traditionally stretch film has been used for wrapping pallets in industrial and other applications so that they are not tampered while transporting or when kept in a particular place. However, the stretch film used for wrapping is mainly made from plastic material and has to be discarded after it is used. This plastic film waste will also pollute the environment. Hence to overcome this problem, our company has developed reusable pallet wraps which are the best alternative to the stretch film which is typically used for pallet wrapping. The pallets wraps are designed so that they can be reused thousands of time without their performance being affected. Thus by using the environment friendly reusable wraps from us, a business can reduce the amount of stretch film waste that is generated during pallet wrapping as well as save a large amount of money.

Cost Control

In addition to reducing the plastic waste which is generated when the stretch film is discard the business using the reusable wraps will also save money, since they do not have to purchase the film repeatedly.The life of the pallet wrap varies depending on how often it is used for wrapping the pallets. Typically the life of a wrap is between three to five years and it can be used thousands of times. Research has indicated that one piece of reusable wrap will replace 65617 feet of stretch film. Though businesses may think that price of each wrap at $100 is high, they should be aware that stretch film will also cost $58 for 244 feet of the material. Since one pallet wrap replaces stretch film of length 65617 feet, using just one pallet wrap can save the business $15000 over a period of few years.

The wraps are of high quality and it is easy to use these wraps for the pallet. The process of using the wrap for a pallet can be completed in 45 seconds, and when the wrap has to be removed, one person can remove it quickly only in approximately 40 seconds. It will save a lot of labor cost.

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